Monday, July 28, 2008

The new phone books are here, the new phone books are here...

Wait a minute, strike that... my new bike is here, my new bike is here! Yes! The new cross bike is here. I ended up getting a whole bike instead of just a frame because I could get the whole bike sooner. So, we will take the parts off of the Redline and put them on the Cannondale, then I'll sell the Redline with all new everything except for the frame.

I felt really "big" on the Redline. Maybe its doing so many miles on the road, but I like to be a little more stretched out, so I started looking at the #s. I ride a 54cm Cannondale road frame. The 52cm Redline is almost exactly like a 50cm Cannondale; too small. The 52cm Cannodale cross frame has the same to tube length as the 54cm road frame, so I'll get the length I want there.

Can you believe cross season starts in 8 weeks??!!

2 Judsons this weekend, as hard as I could go. The SRM is finally working correctly again. The sensor was not picking up all of the outputs, so my readings for the last 3 weeks have been about 20% low. I think this was my last double Judson week as I need to get on the mtb and polish up my tech skills.


The Tour. I didn't watch all of it, in fact not alot of it. But I did watch the Alpe stage live. 6 hours of coverage, all three climbs. CSC was pretty awesome; Sastre only had his nose in the wind for the Alpe itself. All of them looked rather human. That is, after Sastre went, the rest of the best looked like they were struggling. Even Sastre looked ragged at the end.


The doping stories continue. Now its a mountain biker. The Danish Olympic committee has already performed 163 tests so far on a total of 83 athletes. That's about 2 apiece so far.


You think your tires wear out fast... NASCAR had to have its drivers pit every 10-12 laps because of tire wear on Sunday!

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TRI Vortex said...

I ride a 51 Cannondale. I'll buy the redline for $5 (and thats with all the new gear) ha. Can't wait to see the pix.