Thursday, July 24, 2008


Back to work this week. Being off was great, but didn't really feel like I was off, since I ended up answering e-mail and returning some calls anyway.

I rode alot, at least when it wasn't raining. I finished Tammi's Bontrager and must say the build is very PRO. Thanks to John and Lou for their help.

Watched most of the Evanston crit races cheering for anyone we recognized as they sped by.


This photo is of a recently converted to condos building a block from us. 3 units are now for sale and there are only 12 untis total. What the hell were these people thinking?


So the search of Frank and Andy Schleck's Dad's car during the tour was random. Sure... That's why the only 2 cars searched the whole day happened to be licensed in Luxembourg.

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Matt said...

New Bonty? Where are the pics?