Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I'm off this week on a "staycation." That's right, no cash and too high gas prices means no trip out west to mountain bike. It will be nly the second year in the last 10 that I haven't made such a trip. The only other was the year Elora was born.

Monday we took Elora to Millenium park. She loves it there. She likes to run on the big grassy filed and around and under the bean, but her favorite is the water thingy. Actually, its called the "Crown Fountain." She can't et enough of it.

Tuesday, I was at the Pony Shop early pulling the parts off of Tammi's Bontrager. The new SRAM kit came, so have to take everything off. Its the first time I've pulled a set of cranks and bottom bracket, so it was a great learning experience.

Today, we took Elora to the Lincoln Park zoo. I have a hard time with zoos because I think they are cruel. But, Elora is 3 and has no concept of that. Where I see a Rhinoceros in a 20 by 30 area, cooped up, she just sees an animal that she has only seen in photos or youtube.

Tomorrow, its back to the Pony Shop to put the new parts on.


Since when were alleged doping offences i.e. a "non-negative" result on an A sample announced to the press. Whether Beltran or DueƱas took EPO or not, nothing, nothing, nothing should be said until after the B sample is tested. In fact, I am pretty sure that the WADA codes says that if the A sample is positive but the B is negative, it is a negative result. Union goddamnit, union!

Everyone else, ASO and now the teams that want to be so Pro anymore, seems to be flexing their muscle. Who gets squeezed? The riders. I'm not saying that there isn't doping going on, but the ends never justify the means.


Cross is around the corner... I started some higher intensity stuff this week like 8 x 3 efforts etc. Much harder than I thought, much.

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