Monday, July 7, 2008


Thanks to my favorite Dr., the sinus infection is almost gone. It did cost me a whole week of training though. Better now in June, then in October.

Yesterday was one of the best Judson's ever, at least the first half. Solid paceline from Rt. 43 through the end of St. Mary's. Tail wind, we were moving at about 28 mph solid. 10-12 guys pulling through. Then we decided to go long and do the Sisters (a series of rollers.) The only rule that I know of on Judson is: you stop at the end of the Sisters before turning onto 120. Why? Because 120 is basically a 4 lane divided highway. We only have to be on it for a short time, but the cars are moving and there's really no shoulder, safety in numbers. When we got to the end of the rollers, I was at the back of the group. I had passed 2 guys, 1 dropped on the last climb and the other just gapped. I stopped, well... because we're supposed to. I yelled out to the other guys in the group "STOP, we've got one back." Brian, who was behind me was the only one who stopped, he yelled out too. I heard the guys at the back of the group yell forward, but no one else stopped. Brian and I figured that since they had heard us, they would soft pedal and wait. But, they didn't. So once Ted caught up the three of us set out for the trip home.

Frame is ordered. Hopefully it will be here so I can build it up, then after a crash course in gluing tubulars from Lou, I'll start on the wheels.


Chris said...

We softpedaled for a few minutes, but then someone said all-in, and we rolled -- apparently we weren't all-in. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

shouldn't have soft pedalled because that never works....everyone should have stopped and waited. Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for waiting Brian and Jim!!! Ted