Tuesday, August 19, 2008


It's pretty rare that I have the opportunity to ride all of my bikes in any given week. Last week, though, presented just such an opportunity.

Tuesday and Thursday LTs kicked my ass! Saturday Judson. 135 road miles.

Wednesday, cross practice. First ride on the new bike, first barriers of the year etc.

Sunday, MTB time, a little over 2 hours at Palos. We ran into Dan and friend.

Here's some pictures of Tammi's Bontrager with the SRAM kit. She really likes it. She got the bike in the summer of 1998, I think. It originally had an XT kit on it. Still a bit heavy by today's standards, but she likes the ride of that steel bike.

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Dan said...

It was good to meet up with Tammy, Roman & yourself. Maybe next Sunday our paths will cross again. Looking forward to the cross season.