Thursday, August 28, 2008

Poster Nutbag or let's get a dog

In telling Elora that one of the cats died, I was reminded of the Phish song "Harpua." Harpua was generally a once-a-tour-if-you-were-lucky occurrence, usually saved for a special occasion. I saw about 50 Phish shows and I don't think I ever heard it.

It tells the story of a "fat sweaty bulldog" named Harpua raised by a mean man who lives out in the swamp near this small town.

Me and Harpua
Spastic dead-eyed hound
Oozing dreadlock skullcap
We're coming to your town
We'll help you party down

Also in this town lived a boy named Jimmy who had a very nice cat that he called "Poster Nutbag." One day, Harpua is walking through the forest looking for trouble and finds P. Nutbag enjoying his day. A storm rolls in as Harpua attacks Poster. And the song ends with Jimmy's dad informing Jimmy about Poster's fate:

Yes, Dad
Jimmy, I have some bad news...
What might that be...Dad?
It's about your cat, Poster...
You wouldn't be talking about Poster Nutbag, now would you?

Your cat died!
Poster is dead
Poster is dead
Poster's so dead
How about a goldfish?

I don't want a goldfish
How about a goldfish?
I don't...want a goldfish
How about a goldfish?
I don't want...a goldfish
I want...
A dog

Or in our case, let's get another dog.

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