Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Summer gone

Labor Day is next week! I have no idea where this summer went. Lots of miles, lots of efforts, lots of time spent on the bike.

Cross practices are going well, getting faster over the barriers, but have alot of work to do. While my remounts need some work too, I have decided to focus on the dismount and speed through the barriers and then work on the remount. Too many things to think about at the same time.

Got a recovery week this week as Brian thought my training load last week was the hardest I have done all season. I definitely needed it. It's interesting that I am given a rest week at the exact time that I am feeling like I need one. I decided when I made the decision to train with a coach that I wasn't going to ask for rest weeks, but rather see how things would go. So far, every time I have started to feel like I needed one, I got one. Anywhoo, this week is all easy rides, cross practice and back on Judson for Saturday. This will most likely be the last weekend on Judson. Time to focus on shorter more intense efforts leading into the race season.

We had to put one of our cats to sleep on Friday. On Wednesday we discovered that he wasn't eating nor using the litter box, both of which are very rare given his walrus like appearance. We called the vet who said he could just be backed up or it could be a hairball issue so Tammi brought him in. Turns out he had a large tumor in his abdomen that was blocking everything and causing him alot of discomfort. Surgery was an option, but he was 14, so not really. So, Tammi made the decision and stayed with him.
Then we had to tell Elora. Telling a 3 year old that one of the cats is dead was well, as upsetting for us as it was for her. I just told her and let her work it through and answered her questions. She cried, which made us cry and then she said "we could get another cat and then we would still have 2 cats, how about that?"
This is one of the biggest and tallest sunflowers I have ever seen. Over 8 feet tall!

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