Thursday, September 18, 2008

3 days

Great practice last night. Finally, after 6 practices I'm feeling more confident on the new bike. Went low on the pressure- like 30-32 on the Grifos. When I jumped out of the saddle on the pavement sections, I could feel the rim, very weird. We did 2 lines for the starts, which was good because I probably won't be able to get a front row spot every time. That's the last hard workout before Sunday and the first race.

Today and tomorrow I'm supposed to do recovery rides, which as you should know by now are my favorite rides of the week. I was actually going to just blow today off and sleep in, but then I woke up 5:15 a.m. I tried to fight it, I rolled over and thought I had fallen back asleep. Then I opened my eyes and the clock said 5:18, so much for that. I got up and rode for an hour. I guess my body knows better than I do what I need.

3 days to Jackson Park, then Vegas!

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