Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Give Blood

What's cross without a little blood? Cross practice rocked tonight. Had some major mental break throughs on dismounting and the barriers. Mark, Roman, Lou all gave me some help today. Final thought is that I need to dismount EARLY, like 3 bike lengths or so before the barriers. When we did the 30 minutes of tempo I made it through all the barriers clean.
Cross is in the air. 18 days to Cross Cup #1 (Jackson Park). 18 days!


Roman said...

1. Wash with warm soapy water
2. Pad dry
3. Apply topical antibiotic ointment
4. Dress with clean bandage
5. Repeat daily until healed
6. Don't ride like Mark!

Soupy said...

Was that from the chain explosion?? Good riding with ya... I'll see ya next week if we don't start our own practice at Montrose Park!