Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Interbike 2008 - CrossVegas

Cross Vegas was a priority as it is probably my only chance to see the top US PROS go at it. The course looked fast, but I heard later the grass was pretty thick. The course was pretty spread out so it was hard to see the whole race. I spent alot of time running from spot to spot to see as much of the lead group as possible. Lance showed. Cool. Basically, 15 guys rode off the front on the 3rd lap or so, then it whittled down to 10 and then there were some attacks and then Trebon's attack stuck.

The winner himself. Ryan Trebon before the race. I met his dad, Greg, during the race. The height definitely runs in the family. We were both trying to cross the course at the same spot when the lead group came by, both of us yelling our heads off. He introduced himself and there you have it. V-news did a piece on Greg Trebon a couple years ago.

Rumors were true. Lance Armstrong raced, riding a Trek x0. That's him in the upper left hand corner of the photo, I couldn't get any closer to him. He didn't win, but he did hang in there and finished the race. I read later that Lance rode a 53/39 for the race?!

#36. Mike Sherer. Fellow Pony Shop Cross team member. Was running fairly well until he lost a pedal. Got a call up right before Lance and started next to him. How crazy is that? Saw Ben Popper also, handed up some dollar bills.

This is the only action shot I got as my camera kind of sucks. I have no idea who this is.

Ed. Chris Strout has kindly pointed out that this is Adam Hodges-Myerson, proprieter of Cycle-Smart Coaching.

Had a great time and then went out drinking and gambling.

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Adam Hodges-Myerson, proprieter of Cycle-Smart Coaching.