Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Pardon the randomness, but I have alot of nervous energy. Combination of nerves as we approach the first race on Sunday and maybe just a little too much coffee.

Pyramids this a.m., mostly in the dark under a full moon. These are all out efforts, big ring, heart pounding. All 10 were good, higher than last week.

Even with all the rain this past weekend, I wish we had started racing already. Reading other people's first race reports: Molly, Sherer, has me chomping at the proverbial bit.

I'm going to miss Strout this year. He was instrumental in getting me to drink the kool-aid. I hope he comes out to some of the races to heckle us!

Seeing the complete team list for Pony Cross is pretty awesome. There are some mighty strong riders in there. I feel very honored to race with them.

Got the second set of tubulars dialed, so the bike is ready.

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