Tuesday, October 28, 2008


While were sloggin it out in the wind at Barlett, a number of Chicago cross racers were taking on national competition in Louisville.

Congrats to my coach Brian Conant who took 6th on both Saturday and Sunday in the 35+.

Ben Popper took 24th on Saturday 26th on Sunday in the Elite, staying on the lead lap.

Devon Haskell took 9th on both Saturday and Sunday in the women's elite.

Greg Heck took 25th on Saturday and 29th on Sunday in the Men's 2-3s.

And, results are up, Pony Shop did alright at Bartlett:

30+: Lou 6th, Mark 9th
40+: Brian R. 3rd
1,2,3s: Luca 4th, Aspen 7th
Women's 4: Carolyn 9th
4as: Jack with the win!! Cliff 10th and Scott 24th.

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Greg Heck said...

Thanks Jim

If they have the event in Louisville next year I highly recommend everyone making the trip. The course is a ton of fun, and watching the pros make sections look easy that brought me to halt is very cool.