Thursday, October 2, 2008

Interbike 2008- Tim Johnson

One of the coolest things about going to Interbike is the chance to meet some of the PROS. If you're lucky, maybe even an opportunity to have a conversation. Last year I got the chance to talk to Ned Overend for awhile. This year, I met Tim Johnson, the current US Cyclocross Champ. He was signing posters at the booth of the production co. that is distributing a documentary about his 2007 season called "The 9 Ball Diaries."

So, we talked about cross, of course, and us riding the same bike and that the Pony Shop has a cross only team. He seemed pretty impressed by that and signed a poster just for the shop.

Although Cannondale wasn't in attendance, a fact I find to be disappointing and lame, we did find TJ's bike at the Fizik booth.

Nice to have your intials be part of the bike model.

Roman, showing his cross form.


BBVP said...

HA! I was just reading your TJ post when I got your email about our reults. The timing was too funny. Is it bad that I check your blog everyday for a new post? Wait don't answer that...

Chris said...

TJ is an awesome dude -- his bike was at SRAM too. He and Lyne collect old clothes to donate to local junior dev teams -- so rad.