Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Day

The official results are up. 18th and I slid to 4th overall. During the race, when I saw Mark walking with his busted seat post, I thought to myself, flat, just flat damn it, oh wait, I have pit wheels, shit that means I'd have to run even more, o.k. chain break, come on break... I was deep, deep, deep in the pain cave with very little hope of ever coming out.

Given how absolutely horrible I felt on Sunday, I'm just happy I finished and I didn't get lapped by any of the 40+ finishers.

No ride yesterday, rest day. Today was a new day, a chance to recommit. On deck: 5 x 4 minute V02 max and then 5 minutes at LT. 5:30 a.m. was dark as dark can be. Thanks to Roman i know have a helmet light which worked really well. The wind was stiff out of the NE. I hit the 5 x 4s hard and then just to prove to myself that I could i did 10 minutes instead of 5 at LT. A solid hour and 40 minutes left me looking forward to this week's race, Carpenter's Park, an old venue for the series, but a new venue for me.

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BBVP said...

Bring a big chainring, the course is so flat and fast you can use it. We did a 40 minute "race" today and I stayed in the 44 just to prep the legs for Sunday. Go find a sand pit if you can and learn how to float the front wheel.