Thursday, October 9, 2008


This is my cyclocross bike. The reason that this is my favorite bike is that it has only one purpose: to be raced. Sure, I use it for cross practice, but that's just a prelude to racing. Tubular wheels and tires, a single 42 chain ring, not exactly road ready. I suppose I could put road tires on it and use it for training on the road or for commuting, but to me this is a race bike, plain and simple, meant only to be pedaled in anger on race day.
Sunday is Psycho Cross at Hawthorn Woods. We have heard this is a tough course with a real shoulder-the-bike run up and some good pavement sections. Weather looks warm and sunny, so bring the whole family, I am. We're going to make a picnic out of it.
Photo: Lou Kuhn

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pablo said...


Congrats on the podium finish in Dekalb and good look at H.W.

I will be racing a duathlon in Green Bay so will miss the cross race - a shame as it is only 30 minutes away.

Any more eye candy (pictures of the bike or from Interbike?)