Sunday, October 12, 2008

Race Report- Chicago Cross Cup #3- Hawthorn Woods

Chloe's picture says it all. What's the phrase? Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you. Well, the bear sat on me today. After last week, I had high hopes for today. Alas, it was not to be.

The course. Not much to say. Flat, straight, not very technical. About 200 m off the start we rode up one side of a toboggan hill, came down and went right back up, over a barrier, all the way back to the top and then back down.

The start. Call ups! Pretty funny. I was 2nd in the series and so got called up 2nd. They finished call ups through 1oth. I'm lined up with the leaders of the 40+, felling pretty good. Riders ready and then GO! I'm 5th into the first time up the hill going o.k.

The race. Ugh. Through the 1st and 2nd lap I'm o.k. moving between 5th and 8th. I tried to go as hard as I could at the beginning and stay with the leaders for as long as possible. just. not. To. Be. On the 3rd lap, after the hill I have no power. Nothing. I start to fade... Riders coming by me, I try to follow wheels and nothing. Fade... all the way back to 17th, I think.

Result. 17th 40+. Still score some points for the series, but definitely disappointed. I am trying to pinpoint what went wrong, to learn from it. I slurped a Roctane right before the start and that upset my stomach something fierce to the point that I just about puked with 2 to go. Certainly a mistake. Maybe it just comes to this course not being my type of course. But, everyone has to do the same course. The heat, definitely, but everyone rides in the same weather.
Aaaack. 7 more to go. Next week is another race.

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jk said...

Ha! I thought the same thing when I saw my photo from her set. The bear was about to take me down right about then. Onward to next week!