Friday, December 5, 2008


Easy workout today. Inside on the trainer, boring, boring, boring. Just an hour at low power. The legs felt good, I actually had to increase my cadence to keep the watts low becasue my legs wanted to go faster and harder. I think that's a good sign.

As Montrose approaches I have mixed emotions. First, I'm kind of bummed out becasue it means cross is over. The season is over. Deep winter will set in, dooming me to weeks on the trainer.

What are we going to do with ourselves until September 2009? Race on the road. Maybe, but I'm a cat 5 40+ rider on the road. Seems like alot of travel for short races. Crits don't entice me at all. Maybe some mountain bike races, but that has the same issues.

With the number of cross races packed into such a short period, I kind of feel, for my family's sake, that I should just race cross.


Chris said...

Hey, I'm going local on MTB next year except for a couple of big Nationals -- you're welcome to join us!

Greg Heck said...

Hitting some of the local mtb races is a great way to keep the competitive edge in the non cross season, along with being an awesome way to improve the bike handling skills before cross 2009. Tomorrow will be sad, but it has been a fun couple of months of racing and hanging with friends, and I am already pumped for cross 2009.

sharkattack said...

how can you be such a good cross racer but such low level road category?