Tuesday, December 2, 2008

On course

A week without a race report... it can only mean that we are approaching the end of cross season. One more race. This is the biggie. States. I know Lou woke up yesterday and did a little dance upon seeing the snow.

I replay races in my head over and over again: trying to find spots where I could have gone faster. I think's that's why I write race reports; they help me learn and hopefully become a faster racer.

Some courses just seem to click for me, like Dekalb, Barlett, Carpentersville and even Woodstock. I dream about a course like DeKalb, sweeping turns, fast pavement. Others, like Hawthorn and Lansing just don't. I never get into any kind of flow. Then there are courses like Northbrook that pushed me to my limits fitness wise and constantly kept me on my toes tech wise.

I can tell how the course suits me usually by the middle of my first warm-up lap. It's like "yeah, this is gonna be fun" or "whoa, this one's gonna hurt." That's not to say every race doesn't hurt by the end of the 45 minutes. They do. All of them. Sometimes all the way into Tuesday.

Do you race the course or the other racers? I suppose its a little of both. Most races I am by myself, either making up positions of losing them. Woodstock was really the first race this season when I found myself racing the whole race with a group of riders.

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