Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Race Report: Chicago Cross Cup, Deerbrook, November 8, 2009

Photo: http://gallery.me.com/jbdreyfus#100162

Was a little worried after hearing that the sled hill would not be part of the course that the course wouldn't be very good. In the end I was wrong about that and in the end everyone races the same course, right, so who cares? Although, to be honest every time I rode past it, a little part of my said "what a waste." Great course, no recovery anywhere, some tricky off camber stuff, thick mushy grass, about what you would expect from a cross course in November. Cool start area, with 2 really wide turns and long straights ebfore going into the trees. 2 sand pits, 1 right after the other.

The kicker was the weather! What a great day for racing. There's nothing like racing in the short sleeved skinsuit in November!


Lined up second row, behind the top 10 with the call-ups. Whistle and I'm good, top 10. Coach Brian was in this race, so he's right in front of me and is yelling for me to stay with him. I'm on his wheel through the start, the big wide turns before the woods (a very nice touch, I might add) and through the first barrier/ditch/run-up. On to the pavement, around the turn. Brian in front of me, Wayne Simon on my wheel. We hit the grass and take the sharp up right and down left and into the first tricky off camber section. I realize I'm going much faster than I should. Everyone else is taking the low line, i decide its open on top and go for it. I hit the brakes slightly and my rear time locks and slides out and I'm on the ground. Some thing crashes into my helmet and back, hard and Wayne's now in front of me, but without his bike. He grabs his bike and goes. It takes a few seconds or so for me to get my head clear and I'm up and running, but I've slid pretty far back from my good start.

Raced hard for the rest of the race. But, no room for mistakes on this course. Everything was slippery. I ran 28-30 PSI and still was losing traction in the wet stuff, but was hitting RIM on transition areas and the lips of the 2 sand pits. The sand pits were easy enough, just thick and well, sandy. Sand make the drievetrain crispy! I moved up, passed where I could and then raced 2 or 3 guys for the high teens, ended up 18/42. Not too bad. After the crash, it took me a lap or so just to clear my head. Then I just raced as hard as I could, trying not to make mistakes.

That's cross. One mistake, you go down and that's it. You finish where you finish. That is simultaneously why I love cross and why it can be so frustrating.


In my quest for as many raaces as possible this cross season, I'm doubling up when I can. So this was race #14 so far. I like doing the 3s because after the 40s race, I have no expectations. Just go out have some fun, beat myself up a little more, good training. In the hour between the end of the 40s and the start of the 3s, the course had changed alot. Alot drier and a bit smoother. Line up, second row, decent start, but after the first race, I've only got so, so legs, but not alot of kick. End up 30/44.

Kudos to the Cup, Chris Henning, the Northbrook Garner Bicycle Club, Flatlandia, and the town of Northbrook. Nice course, great race.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Race Report- A Tale of 2 Races: Jackson Park, September 27, 2009 and DeKalb, October 4, 2009

From De Kalb. Courtesy of Carolyn aka Velosnaps.

Jackson Park.

We got down there early, around 8:00. Tammi is racing the Womens 4s this year, so I walked the course with her and Elora. A 4 year old's opinion of the course is pretty interesting. She wanted to stop and just dig in the sand at the baseball diamond. Maybe that's what I should have done because as it turns out, Jackson Park was probably the worst race I have ever done. For whatever reason, my head wasn't into it at all. Lined up, got our instructions, whistle and I felt like I was in slow motion. The course was great, but not my cup of tea. I felt like I was sprinting then braking then turning then sprinting, braking, turning then repeat. Difficulty in the sand- WTF! Never got into a flow. Then problems with the results. I went from 36th (wrong) to 14th (also wrong) and now its 33rd (as wrong as the other 2). In any event I wasn't in the top 10, so its not like it really matters.

Then comes Interbike which was awesome. Lots of bike porn. Cross Vegas was very cool. I had some time to do some thinking, introspection if you will. Why am I racing? Just for a result? No way. I'm racing because I like the race. The speed of it. The coolness of it. Last year I was 9th at Jackson Park, but there were only 28 or so racers. This year there were over 50 in the 40+ Double the racers, odds are half are going to be faster than me and the other half slower!

De Kalb.

If Jackson Park was the bad, De Kalb was the good. I love De Kalb. This course has such a flow to it. Nice wide lines, super fast. Just alot of fun to race. We had Elora at a sleep over, so it was just Tammi and I. Plenty of time to pre-ride and get warmed up. I rode the double (42/34); I liked having the 34 for the hill. No call ups this year so I'm in the 2nd row of 50 riders. Whistle and GO. My starts suck. No other way to say it. I'm back in 25 th or so, we hit the hill, lots of congestion and I have the bright idea to drop into the 34 and clank, clank clank, I can't pedal. Somehow the chain got stuck. I had to jump off the bike, fiddle with the shifter and got it going and I'm now last up the hill, 50th I guess.

Now I'm pissed. It was like a light switch going off, eye of the tiger and shit! Just focus on the next wheel in front of me, catch, rest for a few seconds and then go. Hit the pavement sections and sprint. On the 4th lap, as I'm heading through the start/finish, I can see Eric leading the 30+ coming off the pavement, we're like on opposite parts of the course. No way I'm going to get lapped. Work harder. I got the bell and stayed on the lead lap. Ended up 21st. Not so bad considering I was in 50th or so after the first time up the hill.

It's not so much the result as that I put everything I had into that race. In the end that's all I can ask of myself: leave it all out on the course. I can only control me, not the ocurse, not who else enters the race, not the weather, only me.

I was upset after Jackson Park because I didn't do that. Lesson learned.

Racing in WI tomorrow and then BBVP's race Sunday.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

New addition

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

5 days until ...GO

I'm feeling it. Cross is here. this season presents new challenges. Tammi is racing this season which is awesome but it means 2x more gear, time etc. We're trying to get day care for Elora, especially for the November races when it will be colder. If not, kid will be in tow. Luckily, since I race at 10 and her race is at noon, we'll have time to hand her off. Its funny, Elora keeps asking if she will get to go to the races, which presents the question: is it about me or about us. She is so excited about it, how can we not bring her! I tend to get pretty wrapped up in the race, the competition of it. I will need to be mindful of her and Tammi at the races. So, any other racers out there who might to swap child watching duties at the races, drop me a line.
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Friday, September 11, 2009

Ready or not

Cross season begins. My head is all jumbled. Am I ready? Have I trained enough? I have no idea. The numbers look much better than last year, but I suppose everyone can say that. Last year I started the season with some much excitement and anticipation, this season seems less so. I'm not sure why. Feels like all aspects of my life have become harder. No doubt, the training this year has been harder. Work has been at least twice as tough with new grants, people, issues to manage. Family...

Did Church Cross last week, what a blast. Saw alot of folks, which was cool The course was about half forest preserve single track and then double track. A little slick as it rained as I was driving out there. I started at the back and just really wanted to get used to the "cross bike at race pace" again. That took about 2 laps and then I started feeling better with each additional lap.

I have practiced 2x on each bike. I really like the double- 42/34. i think that will be bike of choice maybe for the whole season. The 2010 Force is the shiznit! Feels smoother than Red. Or maybe my Red is just a season old and feeling some wear, i.e. cables etc.

Signed up for the State Road Race tomorrow- 40+ 4/5, the only field to completely fill up. Crazy. A bunch of inexperienced old guys. Yes!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Team bike

Running it 42/34. Bike 2 is a single 39. Cross is here and I feel giddy.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cross is here

New team bikes. One for me, one for Tammi.

Registered for Jackson Park, DeKalb and Jingle Cross.

Monday, July 20, 2009

2 Months- alittle digging

I did a little digging on-line and found the following:

-4 races are up at USA cycling.

-2 of the flyers are up, Jackson Park and Hawthorn.

-Looks like the race cost went up $5 to $30, but payouts are the same.

-Race times are the same as last year.

-We can register on-line this year.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Get excited- cross season is here

I last updated 6 weeks ago. Where did the time go??

Haven't written 'cuz haven't had much to say. I ride when it's dry (and sometimes when it's not), I work, I hang with the family. That's my life. Sometimes exciting, most times kind of mundane and that's o.k. But, this got me excited.

On a whim I checked out US Cycling's web page and lo and behold looky what I found:

Event Information Contact Information Race Type
Jackson Park Cyclocross
Event is not yet permitted
Please contact event promoter for info

Race Value Level: E Event
Chicago, IL

xXx Racing
Greg Heck
6857 30TH PLACE
BERWYN, IL 60402
(708) 288-3604

Category - E

ABD Sunrise Park Cyclocross
Event is not yet permitted
Please contact event promoter for info

Race Value Level: E Event
Bartlett, IL

ABD Cycle Club
Michael Ebert

Permit in Process
Category - E
2 'cross races already up!

Oh yeah. Bikes, kits, parts ordered. LT intervals started, cross is on its way.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My bike and Elora's bike

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mastodon- April 30, 2009, The Metro, Chicago IL

I jumped on these tickets as soon as the pre-sale went up months ago. Mastodon played for about an hour 40 I think. Crowd was mostly guys, some women, all seemed to have some type of body modification going on.

This is the set list I've seen floating around the web from this tour. I know the first part is accurate because they played the new album "Crack the Skye" in its entirety. The second part is accurate, I think, but I might be missing a song. The reason I am unclear is because I was completely blown away. I have seen many, many shows in my life. Some fade away, but there are some that stick with me for a long time. This is one of the latter.

The Czar
Ghost of Karelia
Crack the Skye
The Last Baron
---Very short break ---
Colony of Birchmen
The Wolf is Loose
Crystal Skull
Capillarian Crest
Iron Tusk
March of the Fire Ants
Hearts Alive

The concept album is kind of a thing of the past; mostly 70s era rock bands and difficult to pull off. Mastodon has done 3, Leviathan (based on Moby Dick), Blood Mountain and now Crack the Skye. Personally, I think Leviathan is the best, but Crack the Skye has really grown on me and it was fantastic live.

What really rocked me though was Mastodon's intensity. Each note, every drum beat and sound delivered like a karate kick to the face. I was in the balcony with an unobstructed view and I had a hard time trying to decide which one to watch the most. All 4 members technically smart, but playing with raw emotion.

10 out of 10.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It's been 3 weeks since my last post here... jeez. I guess not alot to say... Its still dark when I get up, I ride (if its not raining), go to work, have lunch, come home, read Elora some books, sing some songs, have dinner, go to bed. Rinse, repeat.

Since the last post, I turned 43, celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary and have ridden as much as I can. Also, preparing for Elora's 4th birthday.

As I'm writing this, I just saw a story that 6 Olympic athletes from the 2008 summer Olympics tested positive for CERA: three track and field athletes, two cyclists(one of whom medalled) and one weightlifter. Let the games begin!

I love this stuff. Tastes just like vanilla frosting. Tastes good so I slurp alot of it down during each ride. This is important because I never, ever eat and/or drink enough during my long rides. I'm a little worried that it may be too sweet come the hotter temps in the summer.

It looks like May will start the LT work. I've been chomping at the bit on these, but Brian has been holding me back, preferring to do tempo and endurance rides and the Thursday 5:30 a.m. knife fight.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wicks moving to IL

Barry Wicks is moving to IL. Wonder if he'll do a Chicago Cross Cup race or two if they don't conflict with the national races? That would be cool.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Race Report: Hillsboro Roubaix 2009

Upgrade denied, 1 lap in the 5s seeming too little, I registered for the 40+. 3 laps, 66 miles.

Got out of town easy enough on Friday and get down there at about 10 or so. Some minor bike work, a beer and then sleep. Woke up to sunny skies. Got to the race around 9. Easy registration and timer chip acquisition along with a "Code of Conduct." Very well organized. Clear signage at every turn and course marshalls everywhere. Then on to warm up.

The course was great. Alot of rollers and turns and 2 bigger hills, one of which led into the pave sections, which were probably less than a mile of the 22 miles per lap. Windy. Mostly cross windy. With so many turns, there was really no where to escape it.

First lap was fine. I found myself at the back of the group. I tried to move up when I could, but with the center lone rule in place (but not really enforced) I only had periodic room on the right. As we hit the feed, and the first bigger hill, riders started moving to the front for the bigger hill. We hit that one and it was ON. I fell back, but held on to the group, made the left turn and hit the downhill, 38 mph. Right in to the pave and bumps, around and into the start/finish.

About a third of the way into lap 2, the 50+ leaders came though us. I think they were irritated because the organizers made them race separate from the 40s, even though the race flier had them racing with us.

Then, at a little over half way into lap two, on one of the rollers, there was a surge and the elastic broke and I was on my own.

This course was tough. Alot of cross wind and the rollers just sapped energy out of my legs. I made it through lap two o.k. and then had a decision to make: go out for the final lap or quit. Finish or take the DNF. I committed to race, I paid my money and absent a mechanical or crashing, I was going to finish. So off I went.

That third lap, miles 44 to 66 was brutal. Mostly alone, sometimes finding one or two riders trying to finish to ride with,but either they were too fast or too slow for me. I started just counting down the miles... one... at... a... time. I had to do all of the hills in the 39. Just trying to to keep moving, trying to approach LT zone on the SRM. Come around a corner and hit the wind, feeling like I was moving backwards.

With 5 mi. to go, a group of 5 50+ and 3s came up and I rode into the hills with them and finished by myself. 46th out 65. 17 or so DNFs.

That last lap killed me. I was wrecked. I think the only part of my body that wasn't tired was my ears. Drank some water, manage to get changed and got into the back seat for the drive home.

This was my first fast ride on the new bike. I love RED. The new bike is great.

I think if I only had to do 2 laps, I would've been fine... would've, could've, should've. I'm happy to get the first race of 2009 in the books.

I found a photo. This is from the end of the 2nd lap.
A few more races and I can get the 4s upgrade. But that's a side benefit. It's still all for cross. I really liked the mini-peak in this first 12 weeks of training. Some strength, then LT work and then max stuff. It kept me interested and intrigued, which was crucial given all of the trainer time I had.

I looked at my YTD (1-9-2009 - 4-4-2009) and I have about 90 hours, but only 600 miles. That's alot of indoor miles. Hopefully that's over and we'll be outside from here on out.

Friday, April 3, 2009

REDdy for Action

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

The new whip

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Goings On

Haven't updated in a while. Every day, I open up this "new post" window and start to write and then something happens, I get busy and by the time I look at it again its 6:30 pm and time to go home. Once home, its Elora time and then dinner and bed. Get up, ride, do it again. You know the drill.

Anywho, here's what's going on:

This week marks 13 years with my dog Jasper. I got him from Anti Cruelty in March 1996. The vet said he was a year or so old when I got him, that makes him at least 14, 98 to you and me. He has lost a step, more so recently. Like any old dog, he sleeps more than not. And he can't hear very well anymore, but he still comes running when I grab the leash.

Training is going well. I decided that I'm going to race more than just cross this year. Cross will still be my focus and goal, but I think more racing will make me faster for cross season. The only way for me to do it is to pre-register though, otherwise I'll just procrastinate. So, In February, I registered for Hillsboro. My request to upgrade to the 4s was denied because I didn't have 10 starts. Racing one 22 mile lap didn't seem worth it, so I registered for the 40+. 66 miles, basically a Judson, but at race pace and with climbs and from what I have heard sketchier roads. I have no misconceptions. I'm just going to do it, and as long as I don't flat etc., finish the race, regardless of where I place. Alot of people are going, so it should be fun.

Since I put this race on my schedule, Brian has definitely stepped up the workouts, now giving me some high end, all out, really short effort stuff mixed in with the tempo/endurance stuff. I feel good.

Caught the 5:30 a.m. ride on Tuesday for 35 miles of devastation. Only 6 of us, but I ended up with the highest 60 minutes power average ever, including all of 2008. That's pretty cool. It was in the upper 40s, light wind, pitch black. I was having so much fun, it almost felt like we were doing something illegal!

That's it. Enjoy whatever nice weather we get in next few days.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

How do the numbers look?

The main reason I like having a coach is that it gives me focus and motivation. I need focus now when my week day rides are inside on the trainer. Before training with a coach, I would try to structure my indoor rides, but frequently ended up just sleeping in, enjoying the dark mornings in bed. Now, I have something to look forward to as each workout is focused, with alot more than just "get up and ride."

All of this indoor training can be grueling. Everyone knows it can be hard to get motivated to get up and ride, but then I get an e-mail from Brian that says "Keep it up, great weekend... the work is working."

And that's precisely what this time of year is about: work. The hours spent now lay the foundation for the work to be done in June and July which lays the foundation for cross season.

I did my second test of the season this morning. 20 long minutes. If you've done one of these, you know you don't look forward to it. It's just a necessary evil. Its something you have to do. You test to see where your at and then readjust the targets for each workout based on that test. Just testing well doesn't necessarily mean anything. I could test well, have good numbers and still race like crap come September. But a test is the only objective means of measuring fitness and improvement.

I approached this one a bit differently than previous tests. Usually I go out hard for the first 5 minutes on an adrenalin rush, hoping I can hold a high number, but inevitably, I lose that higher power number and end up struggling towards the end. This time, I controlled myself. I set a number that I was pretty sure I could hold for 5 minutes and stuck to it, then each 5 minutes I raised it and held that new number and then raised it again. Its weird, but I felt great. Sure at the end of the test there is the dry heave of absolute effort, but when you hit "SET" to stop the interval and you see the average, there can be only 2 results and today it was good. My result today INSIDE was just below where I was at in June of 2008 OUTSIDE.

So thanks Brian. Thanks for keeping me motivated and focused

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Brunch Guest

After my ride (I finished the 2 hours) I looked out our kitchen window and this is what I saw...

Eating a freshly killed pigeon. I saw this bird a week or so ago, flying over head. Pretty sure it is a female Northern Harrier. Yes, I have a bird book. It comes in handy when you're out west camping and hiking.

Goal: 2 hours on trainer

After a miserable 2nd half of judson yesterday, this is the view from the trainer. BC's only instructions for the day: outside if you can, if indoors as long as you can. We'll see.

I'm only 17 minutes in.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Ink

Harlan did a great job, hand drawn, original piece of art. 2 hours needle time. I thought it would have taken longer.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


1 hour from new tattoo.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feeling a Bit Out of Focus

Let's just say I feel a little blurry. That familiar "body tired from workout, but legs feel good" feeling is back. This may sound really weird, but I can feel a good workout in my teeth. Like in the sockets of my molars. When I've really pushed, hard, a few hours later I can feel the effort, well, in my teeth. I have that feeling right now. Today was another set of 8 x 5 min low cadence efforts, power higher than the 20 minute test range. The idea is to pedal as slow as you can while still generating the required power level. I end up at about 50 rpms, which is pretty damn slow. I have to admit, these are hard for me and they hurt.

Its the mental focus part that gets hard. The first minute, second minute are always pretty easy. But then the slowness of the cadence and the sheer weight of spinning a 53 x 13 or 12 on the trainer numbs my mind. The whir, whir, whir even starts to overpower the iPod music in my ears. Sometimes, I have to get really down low on the bars so the SRM head is only 6 inches or so from my face and just stare, unblinking at the numbers, telling my self, 2:30 left, 2 left, 1 minute, 30 seconds...". Drink some water, wait 2 minutes, repeat.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Overheard - Adam Meyerson

Adam Meyerson, cross racer, road racer, coach and cross promoter on the differences between road racing and cross:

Road racing is like a novel and 'cross is poetry. Every word counts in poetry. 'Cross is like that.

I can't really add much to that except to say "amen."

Quote source: Cyclocross Magazine, #5.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


One of the best things about being back on the bike right now is that I sleep better. The whole month I was off, I just didn't sleep well. Couldn't fall asleep, kept waking up in the middle of the night. My legs just didn't feel right. Then I'd just be tired all day.

But, now that I'm back on the bike, my head hits the pillow and I'm out until the alarm goes off.

I'm doing these low cadence, as slow as you can go, higher power efforts. These are really hard for me because I like to spin. These workouts have shown just how much i rely upon leg speed, and not strength, to go faster. The only way to really get faster is to generate more overall power and that means my legs need to be stronger. These effort are like lifting weights to the bike.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Yay, its February

Training is going well. Cant' really call it riding because I'm not actually riding, as much as just spinning a wheel on a fixed drum that offers some resistance designed to mimic actual road resistance, i.e. the trainer. I feel good on the bike. That's a great thing in February.

I thought, briefly, about riding outside this weekend, but didn't want to spend the rest of the day cleaning a bike.

My workouts last about an 1:30 and basically consist of stuff like cadence drills that go like this:

150 - 175 watts at 95 rpms for 1 minute, then 2 min at 100, 2 min at 105, and 1 min at 110, recover for 4 min and repeat for 50 min, then do 10, 10 sec sprints in a heavy gear, 700 watts goal.

At least I'm not just aimlessly spinning, which would be intolerable, I have something to pay attention to, which makes the time go by.

Music helps too. My current playlist:

The Sword, Machinehead, Gojira and High on Fire. All new acquisitions and variations on the metal theme. If you don't know any of these bands here's a brief description:

The Sword- Sabbath-ish, but they sing almost exclusively about Vikings.
Machinehead- name says it all, fast, loud.
Gojira- means Godzilla in Japanese. French death metal (they sing in English). Lyrics are environtmentall conscious- the one I have is about global warming and whales, seriously.
High on Fire- power trio, a little like Motorhead.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

First LT test: 2009


Last night check workout e-mail.
BC says test.

Get up, 6 a.m.
Inside, bleh.
Trainer, double bleh.

Set iPod to Machinehead.
Warm up.
Feel not so bad
but not so good either

First minute feels Nice.
5 minutes in, don't feel so good

8 minutes in
Make deals with self

10 minutes
halfway done
still half to go

12 minutes
Everything hurts

15 minutes
Deals with self not working
power slipping

2 minutes left
whatever is left goes
into the drivetrain

My effort is dripping onto the floor
Dry heave.

Monday, January 19, 2009

IMHO- The Financial "Crisis"

Make no mistake, the US is in for some rough financial times. So, how do we get out?

As we have seen, just giving money to the banks won't solve the problem. They're like the MLB owners, they can't control themselves. Sure, the banks y may have more money to "open up the credit market," but that only fixes a small part of the problem. All of the bad debt that was there is still be there. Just giving money to the banks is short sighted and i think just plain lazy. To really fix the problem, we have to get the money flowing back up through the chain: from consumer, to lender, to investors... one big circle.

This means you have to get the bad mortgage performing again. To receive any money from the feds, lenders must agree to modify existing loans on terms that enable homeowners to pay their mortgages. Convert all ARMs to fixed loans and lower ALL rates for everyone. To accomplish this, a portion of the bail out money should be used to modify existing loans. Allow consumers to "cram down" the principal owed to take into account current property values. Use some of the money to compensate lenders for making these changes, not dollar for dollar, maybe 50 cents to the dollar.

To be sure, there will be some consumers who, no matter what you do, won't be able to afford their home. That's o.k. because contrary to what we have been led to believe, not everyone should be a homeowner.

But, many people will be able to keep their homes. Bad debt could become good debt. This then improves a lender's credit rating allowing it to borrow money, which allows it to lend money.

And, homeowners get to stay in their homes.

Consider the alternative. Rising foreclosures, vacant properties etc. Illinois has experienced an 80% increase in 2008. In Cook County alone, there were over 45,000 foreclosure cases filed. Think about that number for a second. 45,000. Since many social services are paid from property taxes, it is in no ones interest to have all of these properties vacant and the loans unpaid.

Friday, January 16, 2009


If you're in the midwest, you know it's been cold. Damn cold. It was -17 when I left for work today. I could feel my contacts freezing to my eyeballs.

I don't mind this kind of cold so much. Comes with the territory. To some extent it makes me feel alive. I like to think this weather makes us tough. Don't think though that I'm out on my bike in this cold, because I'm not. It's got to get to 30 for me to think about riding outside. I just never seem to get warm enough in cycling clothes to go lower than that. Now, cross racing is different. Riding does not equal racing.

Speaking of racing, looks like there will be some road racing in my future this season. Looking at Hillsboro and some others, but no crits. Looking forward to cross worlds, should be a good race.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New year, first post

A new year, seemed like time for a new post. Nothing coherent, just a list of things on my mind:

  • Elora got sick right before Christmas and of course Tammi and I caught it just after. I've been in sinus infection hell until really earlier this week. I've been on antibiotics for a week and feel alot better. Seems like when I do get sick, which isn't that often, it knocks me out for a long time.

  • Saw The Wrestler. One of the saddest stories I have ever seen. Mickey Rourke is excellent, but really looks like hell.

  • Best 2008 tech items for me: the SRM and switching to tubulars for cross.

  • Planning for 09: new road bike, a pit bike for cross and a cross bike for Tammi. Looks like I will be making "the leap." Minimal upkeep on the mountain bikes; I converted her Bontrager to SRAM in 08 already.

  • Started back on the bike this week. Trainer rides blow. But, I've been here before and I'll be here again. I do like the "nothing special, just back used to being on the bike, high cadence, low power" workouts. Also, have plenty of new metal to get me through.

  • Over 350,000 people have applied to be on Obama's staff. Compare that with the 90,000 who did the same when Bush first became President. 350,000!!!

  • Looking at photos of Chris' daughter, I went and found some early photos of Elora. It's weird, it's hard to remember her being that small.

More later. Happy 2009!