Thursday, March 5, 2009

How do the numbers look?

The main reason I like having a coach is that it gives me focus and motivation. I need focus now when my week day rides are inside on the trainer. Before training with a coach, I would try to structure my indoor rides, but frequently ended up just sleeping in, enjoying the dark mornings in bed. Now, I have something to look forward to as each workout is focused, with alot more than just "get up and ride."

All of this indoor training can be grueling. Everyone knows it can be hard to get motivated to get up and ride, but then I get an e-mail from Brian that says "Keep it up, great weekend... the work is working."

And that's precisely what this time of year is about: work. The hours spent now lay the foundation for the work to be done in June and July which lays the foundation for cross season.

I did my second test of the season this morning. 20 long minutes. If you've done one of these, you know you don't look forward to it. It's just a necessary evil. Its something you have to do. You test to see where your at and then readjust the targets for each workout based on that test. Just testing well doesn't necessarily mean anything. I could test well, have good numbers and still race like crap come September. But a test is the only objective means of measuring fitness and improvement.

I approached this one a bit differently than previous tests. Usually I go out hard for the first 5 minutes on an adrenalin rush, hoping I can hold a high number, but inevitably, I lose that higher power number and end up struggling towards the end. This time, I controlled myself. I set a number that I was pretty sure I could hold for 5 minutes and stuck to it, then each 5 minutes I raised it and held that new number and then raised it again. Its weird, but I felt great. Sure at the end of the test there is the dry heave of absolute effort, but when you hit "SET" to stop the interval and you see the average, there can be only 2 results and today it was good. My result today INSIDE was just below where I was at in June of 2008 OUTSIDE.

So thanks Brian. Thanks for keeping me motivated and focused


Chris said...

Just remember: it doesn't hurt less, you just go faster!

Paolo said...


I'm just now starting to get through the hours to survive enduro racing again...

CX - will feel great when its a 60 minute race only (or so I'm telling myself!)