Monday, February 2, 2009

Yay, its February

Training is going well. Cant' really call it riding because I'm not actually riding, as much as just spinning a wheel on a fixed drum that offers some resistance designed to mimic actual road resistance, i.e. the trainer. I feel good on the bike. That's a great thing in February.

I thought, briefly, about riding outside this weekend, but didn't want to spend the rest of the day cleaning a bike.

My workouts last about an 1:30 and basically consist of stuff like cadence drills that go like this:

150 - 175 watts at 95 rpms for 1 minute, then 2 min at 100, 2 min at 105, and 1 min at 110, recover for 4 min and repeat for 50 min, then do 10, 10 sec sprints in a heavy gear, 700 watts goal.

At least I'm not just aimlessly spinning, which would be intolerable, I have something to pay attention to, which makes the time go by.

Music helps too. My current playlist:

The Sword, Machinehead, Gojira and High on Fire. All new acquisitions and variations on the metal theme. If you don't know any of these bands here's a brief description:

The Sword- Sabbath-ish, but they sing almost exclusively about Vikings.
Machinehead- name says it all, fast, loud.
Gojira- means Godzilla in Japanese. French death metal (they sing in English). Lyrics are environtmentall conscious- the one I have is about global warming and whales, seriously.
High on Fire- power trio, a little like Motorhead.


Julie said...

wow, i don't know how you do easy workouts with that metal! i have to match music to the workout-- for base and long runs, it's classic rock and Belle and Sebastian. Moseying music.

Chris said...

Dude, didn't BKW have a post about the 30-minute bike wash a while back? NO EXCUSES, this weekend was beautiful!

Josh said...

so Metal it is? I agree. I try and vary it up depending on the workout as well. Sustained cadence efforts - sludgy metal, that give you the sense of just being at the cusp of crushing it all. SE pops - nothing but old hardcore.