Friday, March 20, 2009

Goings On

Haven't updated in a while. Every day, I open up this "new post" window and start to write and then something happens, I get busy and by the time I look at it again its 6:30 pm and time to go home. Once home, its Elora time and then dinner and bed. Get up, ride, do it again. You know the drill.

Anywho, here's what's going on:

This week marks 13 years with my dog Jasper. I got him from Anti Cruelty in March 1996. The vet said he was a year or so old when I got him, that makes him at least 14, 98 to you and me. He has lost a step, more so recently. Like any old dog, he sleeps more than not. And he can't hear very well anymore, but he still comes running when I grab the leash.

Training is going well. I decided that I'm going to race more than just cross this year. Cross will still be my focus and goal, but I think more racing will make me faster for cross season. The only way for me to do it is to pre-register though, otherwise I'll just procrastinate. So, In February, I registered for Hillsboro. My request to upgrade to the 4s was denied because I didn't have 10 starts. Racing one 22 mile lap didn't seem worth it, so I registered for the 40+. 66 miles, basically a Judson, but at race pace and with climbs and from what I have heard sketchier roads. I have no misconceptions. I'm just going to do it, and as long as I don't flat etc., finish the race, regardless of where I place. Alot of people are going, so it should be fun.

Since I put this race on my schedule, Brian has definitely stepped up the workouts, now giving me some high end, all out, really short effort stuff mixed in with the tempo/endurance stuff. I feel good.

Caught the 5:30 a.m. ride on Tuesday for 35 miles of devastation. Only 6 of us, but I ended up with the highest 60 minutes power average ever, including all of 2008. That's pretty cool. It was in the upper 40s, light wind, pitch black. I was having so much fun, it almost felt like we were doing something illegal!

That's it. Enjoy whatever nice weather we get in next few days.

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