Monday, July 20, 2009

2 Months- alittle digging

I did a little digging on-line and found the following:

-4 races are up at USA cycling.

-2 of the flyers are up, Jackson Park and Hawthorn.

-Looks like the race cost went up $5 to $30, but payouts are the same.

-Race times are the same as last year.

-We can register on-line this year.


BBVP said...

On-line registration is huge. Now if we could just get them to start using the same numbers for every race life would be a lot easier.

Greg Heck said...

The fee went up to reflect the additional $1/rider charged by USA Cycling for insurance this year, as well as the online registration fee. That $30 cost will include the online registration surcharge, so you won't get hit with a few more $ at the end.

We are also working on a system to use the same #'s for each race like the Wisco series does.

Unfortunately, Hawthorne Woods is a no go, as well as Northbrook. We are working to find new venues for both of these dates.

Joe said...

I wonder if with online registration (which is great) there will also be "whole series" option. A single sign up with reused numbers would be seriously nice. A discount for registering for the whole series wouldn't be bad either.

Thanks for hunting this stuff down Jim.

Martin Michalowicz said...

That sucks about Northbrook. That course had my number and I was wanting to revisit the pain.