Tuesday, September 15, 2009

5 days until ...GO

I'm feeling it. Cross is here. this season presents new challenges. Tammi is racing this season which is awesome but it means 2x more gear, time etc. We're trying to get day care for Elora, especially for the November races when it will be colder. If not, kid will be in tow. Luckily, since I race at 10 and her race is at noon, we'll have time to hand her off. Its funny, Elora keeps asking if she will get to go to the races, which presents the question: is it about me or about us. She is so excited about it, how can we not bring her! I tend to get pretty wrapped up in the race, the competition of it. I will need to be mindful of her and Tammi at the races. So, any other racers out there who might to swap child watching duties at the races, drop me a line.
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