Friday, September 11, 2009

Ready or not

Cross season begins. My head is all jumbled. Am I ready? Have I trained enough? I have no idea. The numbers look much better than last year, but I suppose everyone can say that. Last year I started the season with some much excitement and anticipation, this season seems less so. I'm not sure why. Feels like all aspects of my life have become harder. No doubt, the training this year has been harder. Work has been at least twice as tough with new grants, people, issues to manage. Family...

Did Church Cross last week, what a blast. Saw alot of folks, which was cool The course was about half forest preserve single track and then double track. A little slick as it rained as I was driving out there. I started at the back and just really wanted to get used to the "cross bike at race pace" again. That took about 2 laps and then I started feeling better with each additional lap.

I have practiced 2x on each bike. I really like the double- 42/34. i think that will be bike of choice maybe for the whole season. The 2010 Force is the shiznit! Feels smoother than Red. Or maybe my Red is just a season old and feeling some wear, i.e. cables etc.

Signed up for the State Road Race tomorrow- 40+ 4/5, the only field to completely fill up. Crazy. A bunch of inexperienced old guys. Yes!

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