Thursday, October 14, 2010

Here and now

Its been almost a year since I wrote on this here blog. I'm not sure what happened. Life, I guess.

Kid turned 5 and is now in kindergarten. We successfully navigated the CPS testing/selective enrollment process and feel like we won the lottery as she's going to Coonley Elementary over on Leavitt and Irving. She loves it. Her current favorite phrase said in reply to mostly anything I tell her is: "I won't." Irritating, but I have to admire her independence and decisiveness.

My mom died in July. She died 1 day short of turning 66, at home, with her family around her. My mom was a peacemaker. She valued family and friends above all else. Besides the loss of her, it has made me evaluate every relationship I have. From family to friends to work. Causing me to go pretty deep within myself, which may or may not be a good thing. I have witnessed two LIFE moments. The birth of my daughter and the death of my mom. The beginning and the end. A first breath and a last breath.

Cross. Well, cross is just cross. My fitness feels fine, but the mental game is off. That was always my problem anyways and this season with everything going on, its worse, harder. The results aren't there, but do I race for that anyways? If results are my only measure of success, then I think I'm in trouble. I race because its fun. Well, the actual racing part isn't "fun" per se, but if you race cross you know what I mean.

Thanks for reading. See you out on the course.