Thursday, October 20, 2011

First take: Hull "Beyond the Lightless Sky"

I really like Hull.  They are a 5 piece out of Brooklyn and have a kind of sludgey sound that's gets kind of tripped out.  Their new one "Beyond the Lightless Sky" came out on October 11.  I've only listened to it twice. But, my first take is that this will be high on my best of list. 

They are definitely carrying on from where they left off with 2009's "Sole Lord" but this has a stronger, more comfortable in their skin feel to it.

No Clean Singing did a great job of describing Hull's sound in their review:

There’s a point at which the vector lines of blackened sludge, doom, stoner metal, and psychedelia intersect, and at that point sits Hull. That realization is evident from the opening track of this remarkable Brooklyn band’s new album, Beyond the Lightless Sky. “Earth From Water” has it all: lurching, catastrophically distorted, cavernously tuned guitar and bass, crushing all in their path; tripping psych-blues guitar leads designed to give you a 1,000-yard stare and solos that would make Jimi Hendrix smile if he were still with us; skull-fracturing drum progressions; vocalizations that mimic the sound of a man with his intestines being pulled out with hot pincers — all of it dense and dark and hopeless, and yet utterly enthralling.

When you listen to it, you'll see what they mean.

There were some live streams of this out there, but I think they're all off now, anyways, you can go here for a listen:  Or check out their webpage for info.

They're starting a US tour, but not coming to Chicago.  Damnit!

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